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Friday, September 01, 2006

Vista RC1 Breaks everything again

Just when I thought I got some of these things figured out. RC1 (pre-RC1) top be precise has broken everything I thought was working...

AVG - B2 ok, now canot load the GUI at startup
Daemon Tools - B2 ok, now cannot even install the driver
Fineprint - I cant remember B2, but I thought I got it working. Now RC1 cannot install.
WinRAR - B2 ok, RC1 ok.
Total Commander - B2 ok, RC1 ok.
Easy Media Creator - B2 ok, Have to try on RC1 to find out. No way I going back to Nero.
Office 2007 B2 - B2 ok, RC1 ok.
Paint Shop Photo Album - B2 ok, RC1 ok.
Paint Shop Pro - B2 ok, RC1 ok.
SecureCRT / Secure FX - B2 ok, RC1 ok.

Well, we do need to reconsider some of the software choices...

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