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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

JRE and Ubuntu and Firefox

And you thought Firefox is the most freely browser around. NOT!
I tried a few times installing the java plugins but never got it to work...
Anyway, this is the way to do it. Not using Firefox plugin download whatever...

Goto :

Download JRE (Update 8 as of now) the Linux self-extract. Not the RPM, unless you are Fedora etc
Some of the other links brings you to Update 6 which is a waste of time if you ask me.
Well, it certainly wasted my time cos I need to download Update 8 again!

Then sudo or root yourself and copy the *.bin to /usr/java.
Now run : chmod 755 to make it runnable.
Then naturally ./ and run it.

Now Java is in. Next need to link the Firefox and Mozilla to this.
Goto /usr/lib/firefox/plugins.
Run : ln -s /usr/java/jre1.5.0_08/plugin/i386/ns7/
Don't blindly copy. This link goes to the Update 8... In future will be change. Make sure you know the directories exist etc. Anyway good Linux should complain it it doesn't.
Then do the same in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins.

You are good to go now.

Somehow that some 400% more complicated then installing it in Windows right? I absolutely agree.

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