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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Food Festival Frustration

There is this Kelly's store which sells hot dogs and many stuff. The crowd is there and so is the squeeze. Well, that I can't complain. Not within the control of the store, but what happen was really unbearable.

I was there trying to buy the Takoyaki. Its Octopus balls in short, but lets not drill into the food detail. Anyway, there was no proper queue, then a lady from the left slot in. Shouted her order. OK, the girl from the store serviced hers. Maybe I didn't see her when I was there and she was here first. Then one lady slotted from the right and shouted her order. I also told her my order. What happened? With only barely enough for another order, she said have to wait... Then she pack for the lady who slotted in! Come on, this is sexually discrimination! You mean in Singapore there are such thing as auntie-priority? I was totally mad. I told her I wont buy anything from her and walk away!

Angry, of course I am! Firstly, I blame the store for not setting up proper queue lines. I also blame the store for hiring such stupid staff. These are staff that surely drive customer away. And for support, I hope after reading this, you can boycott and condemn this brand "Kelly".

OK, come back to the food. I think it will suck anyway. The Takoyaki is not made fresh. They fry up all the balls and put in a basket. When you order, she packs it into a box and spray sauce and flakes on it. This is unlike the true Japanese style where the ball goes straight from the pan to the box.

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