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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bread Factory Horror

I think you might find thgese somewhere online, but those site are not what I recommend you see. Stanson Bakery in Malaysia is raided for non-HALAL compliance. But that is the least I care because what was shocking was the condition of the bakery. Also that is nothing I need to care unless I purchase these product. I took a spin at my kitchen and fainted....

(20 minutes later)

Ya, got those bread here. Was selling at 70cents per loaf last week. Must be due to this raid, clearing stock. Maybe change name and restart or what. Brand affected : High5, Sure Value.

So what sort of problem are we looking at...

1. Illegal Workers
2. Factory Hygiene Problem
3. No face mask and gloves

Well, better feed those remaining pieces to the cats downstairs now...

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