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Monday, August 21, 2006

Vista and Intel 945GM

The question is to use or not to use Lake Point Driver. Ok, some background first. Lake point driver is a driver I believed created by Microsoft and not by Intel. It only purpose is to prove that Intel graphics card is actually able to run Aero Glass effect. So many people who had Intel as their notebook graphics have no choice but to kick in the Lake point driver which is beta etc.

The only major problem I had was Lake Point does not wake the screen up from Hibernate or from Sleep. Everything else was ok, but the screen is just blank. That causes the computer to kinda hang actually cos I need ot press the reset button. I had been living with these crap for a while, until yesterday. Yes, after seeing the Aero Glass for the few months, I think I have enough. ITs just quite unusable when something heavy is going on. I had Nero Recode and CD Burning complaining that it slow the system down and there pops the option to off desktop effects. However, this could be a Nero problem liked I said in the previous post.

Anyway, I reinstall the Intel 945GM for Vista and the hibernate works. So does the Sleep. I am a more happy mobiel user now. I can off the notebook and climb on the bus and flip it up to continue without have to "D'oh!" and lose everything by reboot. I shall let Intel driver run for a while and update here for anything new.

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freestuffyeah said...

cool, i got vista running properly on my integrated graphics too. If you want to get some games running, jump over to my blog and look at some of the tips, tricks and tweaks I have come up with for many new games. :)

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