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Saturday, August 26, 2006

PC RAM : 1GB vs 1.5GB vs 2GB

And I thought there is no significant gain in performance. How wrong I was.

I had 2x256MB+2x512MB=1.5GB on Alphonso when I had the ASUS board (which is in RMA, 2 month liao, I will make sure heads roll for this). Then I had no choice but to buy a MSI ATI board since its cheap. That board only managed to take in my 2x512MB=1GB. As soon as I had that, I realized how slow things had became and even though its a fresh installation (thanks to motherboard change). I had lived with that for like... oh, yes, good guess 2 months.

Now, I just got myself 2x1GB=2GB RAM and plug in it. Wont co-exist with the 2x512MB, so I had to pull them out. Now, 2GB. Yes, Yes, Yes... Things are back to normal and actualyl even smoother. So, if anyone wants to tell me that that 512MB doesn't make the difference, I will let certainly show him the way out through the window. :)

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