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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Windows Vista Pre-RC1

Yes, you can download it now! nce it reaches 100k download, it will close again.

with 64bits :

See it to believe it...

Click here and Wait

Is this maddness or what.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Microsoft Office 2007 File Formats

Ya, they are in XML and pretty small actually. I had PPTX and DOCX files which are about 5-10% of those of 2003 formats.

anyway, I found that there is a way to read / write to the 2007 formats. Just read this and install the pack :

Now, you got no excuse cannot read my office files liao. :P

Saturday, August 26, 2006

PC RAM : 1GB vs 1.5GB vs 2GB

And I thought there is no significant gain in performance. How wrong I was.

I had 2x256MB+2x512MB=1.5GB on Alphonso when I had the ASUS board (which is in RMA, 2 month liao, I will make sure heads roll for this). Then I had no choice but to buy a MSI ATI board since its cheap. That board only managed to take in my 2x512MB=1GB. As soon as I had that, I realized how slow things had became and even though its a fresh installation (thanks to motherboard change). I had lived with that for like... oh, yes, good guess 2 months.

Now, I just got myself 2x1GB=2GB RAM and plug in it. Wont co-exist with the 2x512MB, so I had to pull them out. Now, 2GB. Yes, Yes, Yes... Things are back to normal and actualyl even smoother. So, if anyone wants to tell me that that 512MB doesn't make the difference, I will let certainly show him the way out through the window. :)

Hail to the Security Consultant

I remembered when I was younger, I wish there was the word Consultant in my designation. This is one wish I managed to fulfill now. I am a Security Consultant now. Well, maybe thats why you notice the HITB and Packetstorm sidebar RSS here too.

I will be posting more security stuff here I guess, that is if my work still permits me to have time for this. I'll make time dun worry. Thanks for all your support.

200th Post on Blogger with new look!

And who would ever imagine. I had done up 200 posts in my Blogger now! And to make this a big bang, I had done up the new blogger look with the Blogger Beta ( Sorry only by Blogger's invitation now)...

So, what do you think of this new look? Flashy? No so dark? Emm... Let me know.

In the meantime, stare at this screen and wonder how someone can be bothered to sit here and made 200 posts... Hehe :P

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SC Bear wants to die

Yes, hard to believe, SC Bear decided it just can't take it anymore. It had attempted to hang itself with the handphone charger wire.

Fraud from Malaysia

I just saw the post a few days in the newspaper about the fraud case coming from Malaysia. Basically this is how it work. The high monk claim that he can give you winning numbers. I dint call so I dint know. The reprot say they will ask you for some cash and they will send it via speed postage. However, it will arrive slightly late. Like today is out liao then you receive it tonight. It will make you feel as if you just miss it by that little bit. Damn, lets pay more and get conned. Well, basically something like this. I had one of these. and guess what? It even has a malaysia address?
Maybe singapore police cannot do anything to them. Unless there is singaporean victims. Anyone wanna find this place and tell me about it?

They came, the saw and they leave their mark

Actually, instead of making the place looks ugly, it somehow left an artistic touch to the whole picture. don't you think? emm.. Poor dog, I hope the cement dint get stuck on its paw...

Raspberry Shortcake

Did I mentioned what I miss most in Australia. No la, not the chicks at the nude beach or the punch in the face I got from the kangeroo... Its Raspberry Shortcake by Arnolds biscuit. Its simply delicious and I havent eaten anything like this anyway in Singapore. Until now. I finally found this is the chocolate sop at Millenia Walk. Yes, in the chocolate shop. And all I can think of is this. Ok, there are pretty nice dark chocolate and also pretty cute Hello Kitty and My Melody sweets there too. However, be prepare to pay premium for premium stuff. And don't forget to buy Raspberry Shortcakes for me when you are there...

P.S. Actually I find the standard drop a bit liao. Is it because Arnold is no longer Austrlian owned? But anyway, its still good, but not as good as before.

Upside down

I wonder always why the the picture people always look so funny. Then I realized its not the people in the picture, but rather its because iDA has decide to put their poster upside down. So, this is the th month right. I have to take out my head... turn it upside down and read watever that says. Well, lucky there is no old lady around to scare to death. iDA, please stop getting people who can't read or people who like to do their work upside down to put up your poster. :) Mean hor. Hei, but 1 mistake is worth more to say than 1000 correct ones.

Cockroach horror at Mac Plaza Sing

Don't believe me is it? Here is the prove. I din't have to catch one and put it there at least. This is an unaltered photo of the actual dead Xiao Qiang there. Well, too bad I can't torture and interogate it liao. Mac, please at last clean this up and dun let me see la... BTW, I had eaten some chicken wings there and so far has no effect. Phew...

Vista and Lake Point Driver

Another one very important thing about the Intel 945GM driver vs the Lake Point driver is that the Lake Point driver does not support presentation mode and all the dual monitor and multi function display. I finally changed to the Intel driver and all a sudden I have dual monitor working, Output to projector working. Wonderful is it not. I guess I have to stress that again. The Lake Point driver only prove the point that Aero Glass can be done on the Intel Graphics. Thats all. Its not really functional or anything otherwise.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Secure terminal and FTP on Vista

Yes, just can't do without them for serious work. I kick in my SecureCRT 5 and SecureFTP 3. So far so good. I did not anticipate problem anyway. But the windows sizing and stuff do really require some tweaking and such. I know some of you will cry loud for PUTTY and WinSCP, but why use them when I had licensed version of Vandyke's product.

I do not forsee much problem, but if there is, you will see them here.

Vista and Intel 945GM

The question is to use or not to use Lake Point Driver. Ok, some background first. Lake point driver is a driver I believed created by Microsoft and not by Intel. It only purpose is to prove that Intel graphics card is actually able to run Aero Glass effect. So many people who had Intel as their notebook graphics have no choice but to kick in the Lake point driver which is beta etc.

The only major problem I had was Lake Point does not wake the screen up from Hibernate or from Sleep. Everything else was ok, but the screen is just blank. That causes the computer to kinda hang actually cos I need ot press the reset button. I had been living with these crap for a while, until yesterday. Yes, after seeing the Aero Glass for the few months, I think I have enough. ITs just quite unusable when something heavy is going on. I had Nero Recode and CD Burning complaining that it slow the system down and there pops the option to off desktop effects. However, this could be a Nero problem liked I said in the previous post.

Anyway, I reinstall the Intel 945GM for Vista and the hibernate works. So does the Sleep. I am a more happy mobiel user now. I can off the notebook and climb on the bus and flip it up to continue without have to "D'oh!" and lose everything by reboot. I shall let Intel driver run for a while and update here for anything new.

Vista CD Burning Software

Ok, I promised I would cover the CD burning part anyway. Build in almost none. So I had to check out and see what works and what doesn't. So I kicked in Nero 6.6.x.x and it does seems to work so far. Some graphics errors here and there.

However, I notice Nero has been making many coasters recently. Those disc burn ok, but unreadable when you verify. Yes, I do stress that especially for DVD, you MUST verify. Often you will not get errors when burning, but the disc is totally unusable. I learned the hard way.

So, here I am again, uninstall Nero and kick in Raxio Easy Media Creator 7.5. Glad I din't sell that away. Cost a bomb, but its totally blob ware. It install ok and so far so good. I will update here again and see if EZ Media Creator did indeed solved my problems.

Dell Battery Recall

I thank the many people who had known and warned me about the recall.
I am really gladful. Well, I am also very curious how to make it catch fire, but I don't have that info.
Anyway the full link is here :

If you have notebook :
Latitude: D410, D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D610, D620, D800, D810
Inspiron: 500M, 510M, 600M, 700M, 710M, 6000, 6400, 8500, 8600, 9100, 9200, 9300, 9400, E1505, E1705
Precision: M20, M60, M70, M90
XPS: XPS, XPS Gen2, XPS M170, XPS M1710

and batteries (take out and see behind) :


Then you are in danger of notebook BBQ. Do contact Dell for replacement.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

最終兵器彼女 Another Love Song

This is the anime original artwork of Saikano. Althought Another Love Song is actually the OVA, but I just want you to have a feel how does the original artworks compare to the movie adaption of the story.

I had not watched the OVA, so I don't want to say too much about it. I had watched the original 13 episodes anime and at some point of time, I really stopped at episode 10. That is the so-called make-believe happy ending. For those who had followed me and continued on to 11-13... Your life will never be the same again. Trust, NEVER. And you should not read on if you decided or cannot decide if you can swallow the truth and the shocking ending of Saikano.

11-13 basically covered the end of the world. Well, not really what we expected, but the world ended very much like the way Neo Genesis Evangelion. However, this ending I felt I did not really like it. That is until I watched the movie. That ending was even more lame then the end of the world. I suddenly realized the end of the world ending really did bring out much much more of Shu and Chise undying love and their promise to protect each other till eternity. I do say I kinda missed the end of the world ending really.

The movie was not totally a let down. The Chise chick is cute. :) I don't like the Shu guy though. He's too old for the role I feel. The overall is not bad, but people who expects lots of action will be disappointed though. Saikano is really more of a love story than a war movie.


Does this look cool or what? The DVD Version is finally released.. for quite a while anyway... Finally watched it... Too dazed looking at the picture... Write my feeling later...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I m Pes C9L3 now... Temp at least...

Been searching on info and cant find any.
Don't know what I can do cannot do and what rights do I have...
But roughly fro ma BBS...:

Pes A Fit for all operational vocations (Full BMT)
Pes B Fit for most operational vocations (Full BMT)
Pes BP Fit for 4 months full BMT (applicable only to obese recruits)
Pes C Fit for some operational vocations (Modified BMT)

Further subdivided into:

PES C1 Required to take IPPT but can be excused up to 2 static stations in IPPT
PES C2 Do not have to take IPPT except Regulars who are required to take Alternative Aerobic Fitness Test (AAFT)
PES C9 Servicemen not required to take IPPT

PES C grading will be followed by the L-Code (Land Deployability Code) as follows:

L1 Fit for field duties including front-line duty
L2 Fit for field duties but only in Unit HQ or rear areas
L3 Fit for operational duties at Bases only. Not fit for field duties / exercises

Pes D Temporary unfit for grading and pending further review
Pes E Fit for administrative duties only

Further subdivided into:

PES E1 Able to participate in simple observance parades and LIFE activities
PES E9 Unfit for any form of physical activities

PES E grading will be followed by the L-Code (Land Deployability Code) as follows:

L3 Fit for operational duties at Bases only. Not fit for field duties/exercises
L9 Suitable for peacetime sedentary duties at Bases. Not fit for operational duties even in Bases

Pes F Medically unfit for any form of service

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS released

Its not widespread news. Its not even on their main webpage...But :

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS, the first maintenance release of "Dapper Drake". This release includes both installable Desktop CDs and alternate text-mode installation CDs for several architectures, for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu. Xubuntu is also included, although commercial support for it is not available from Canonical Ltd.

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution for your desktop or server, with a fast and easy install, regular releases, a tight selection of excellent packages installed by default, every other package you can imagine available with a few clicks from a global network of mirrors, and professional commercial technical support from Canonical Ltd and hundreds of other companies around the world.

To Get Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS

Download Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu/Xubuntu 6.06.1 LTS here:


Europe: (France) (All)

Rest of the World:


Europe: (France) (All)

Rest of the World:


Europe: (France) (All)

Rest of the World:


To burn these CD images, you will need 700MB media.

Shipit will be updated within approximately the next month with Ubuntu
6.06.1 LTS. To receive a complimentary copy of the Official Ubuntu
6.06.1 LTS CD -- or a handful of them to give to your friends, your
school or LUG -- place your request at the relevant URL below.

About Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS

This is the first maintenance release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, which continues to be supported with maintenance updates and security fixes until June 2009 (on desktops) and June 2011 (on servers).

Over 300 post-release updates have been pre-applied, so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded after installation, and a number of bugs in the installation system have been corrected. These include security updates and corrections for other high-impact bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. We do not expect that certifications against Ubuntu 6.06 LTS will need to be updated for this maintenance release.

See for a list of Ubuntu security updates. All updates to date affecting packages on the CD have been applied.

Some other particularly notable updates, with bug references where available (see are as follows:


* Many fixes to the desktop CD installer, including a crash when
installing in Chinese but with a non-Chinese-speaking country
(#47687), issuing a warning in the partitioner if /boot is on XFS
(#47848) or system partitions are not reformatted (#47046), a crash
if packages on the running live session are unconfigured (#47859), a
crash with certain kinds of disk attached (#48732), more defence
against gparted/qtparted crashing (#47194, #48856), improved handling
of going back and forward in the advanced partitioner, and many more,
along with translation updates.

* Fix Kickstart support to handle disabling the root password correctly

* Fix line continuation handling in installer preseed files (#47767).

* Translations of "Install in text mode" on the CD boot loader now
appear (#47615).

* Fix handling of /isolinux/lang file, used to customise the CD boot
loader, for Chinese and Portuguese.

* Fix gparted crash if xfs_db fails (#50909).

* Fix CD-ROM booting on sparc64 (#40119).

* Add support for automatic discovery of SBus devices when installing

GNOME Desktop:

* Most of GNOME 2.14.3 has been incorporated, including a fix for
evince's failure to open PDF files on FTP servers (#47201), improved
eog print output (#3673), fixed double fade in gnome-screensaver
(#35051), making sure screensavers don't run while on battery
(#39908), corrected file associations (#49417), a fix
for a serious memory leak in gnome-cups-icon (#45406), stopping the
icon selection dialog from closing while entering a path (#45819), a
fix for a large memory leak in pango affecting dia (#52274), more
stable track switching in rhythmbox (#49714), and many other
conservative bug fixes.

* Correct handling of keys for signed archives in gnome-app-install.

KDE Desktop:

* Fix 32-bit compatibility Qt libraries on amd64 systems.

* Fix crash in kde-guidance if a user has no real name set (#47317).

* Fix kopete hang that could cause the Kubuntu desktop to hang when
right-clicking on desktop icons (#43065).

* Fix detection of KDE in the language selector.

* Upgrade kopete's ICQ protocol version (part of, #54757).

Xfce Desktop:

* Fix mixer icon.

* Fix menu editor crash leaving an empty menu (#47776).


* redhat-cluster-suite no longer starts/restarts the daemon on install
or update, which caused the suite to fail to install (#47645).

* Fix infinite loop in nbd-server child processes that filled up syslog

* Fix disappearance of IMAP subfolders in dovecot on systems upgraded
from Ubuntu 5.10 (#51038).


* Updated translations of Ubuntu documentation.

* Improved language of Kubuntu release notes (#48525).


* Translations of many packages have been updated, thanks to the
Rosetta translation system (

* pcmcia-cs avoids a hang on upgrades from Ubuntu 5.10 on certain

* TeX hyphenation repaired (#36145).

* Improve wpa_supplicant's integration with our networking stack.

* Improve pbuilder's dependencies (#40613).

* acpi-support no longer unloads the nsc-ircc IrDA driver on suspend.

* Fix unusable button 2 for users of the EmulateWheelTimeout option in
xorg.conf on Thinkpads with 3-button trackpoints (#38272).

* Additions to the dapper-commercial channel in Add/Remove Applications
(RealPlayer, desktop-multiplier, Opera).

* Updated cupsys to upstream bugfix release 1.2.2, fixing many bugs
(including #42513, #42802, #44931, #47387, #48116, #51432, and part
of #42802).

* Fix pmount crash in certain locales, including Estonian (#49655).

* xdmx-tools is no longer an empty package.

Helping Shape Ubuntu

If you would like to help shape Ubuntu, take a look at the list of ways
you can participate at

If you have a question, or if you think you may have found a bug but
aren't sure, try asking on the #ubuntu channel on, on
the Ubuntu Users mailing list, or on the Ubuntu forums:

More Information

You can find out more about Ubuntu on our websites:

To sign up for future Ubuntu announcements, please subscribe to Ubuntu's
very low volume announcement list at:

Thursday, August 10, 2006


A song dedicated to Dang Dang for his department on 25 July 2006...
I hope he will be happy in Raindow Land..



Goodbye my love goodbye


Goodbye my love goodbye

Goodbye my love goodbye


Goodbye my love goodbye

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Well its hte trend now. I do not mind sitting and waiting for the credits, but the cinema here just doesn't show them till the end cutting it short.
I am glad I did not miss X-Men 3... But this one I have no choice...
Anyway if you miss it you can catch the ending in the original scripts.

Read the complete script at :

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Microsoft Site Error

Mind you... This is not a photoshop edited capture...
Oh ok, I did edit the size and lighting abt, what I mean was it is the real thing... Real Microsoft Site, real error ba ba...

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