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Friday, July 21, 2006

Vista is here

Its been 1 week and I lost many hair and brain cells over Windows Vista B5384...
I do have on my hands CTP B5472 however upgrading it is far more easier said then done.

Its not that vista is no good, its beta anyway. In general, it works fine on my Dell 6400 except one thing or another doesn't work. At first it was my card reader, which I fixed, but now due to some itchy fingers I install Toshiba BT stack, it knock my Bluetooth out.

As for software, I will post more. But lets talk about antivirus. Norton Antivirus 2007 Beta claim it support Vista and B5384 in particular. Well, not true. Crashed during installation. Cannot even uninstall cos when it uninstall, it will install back again. And what it left was a faulty file protection that truly protects you from any harm 100%. Ya, thats because instead of scanning, it deletes every single file I download. So, that was 0+12 hours and I has to reinstall clean Vista.

Then I kick in the Trend Micro Beta as well. It was ok for a while, but it really slow down the system and the firewall miniport drivers eventually gives way. Now I ended up with 5 faulty network device and my firewall is crippled. No can do. I cant seems to uninstall it properly as well. Well, at least Trend Micro works for a while. I managed to find inside the install files, there is a manual remove tool and it works like a charm. Trend Micro out.

Now I ended with AVG. It works for 2 days already. I do not forsee big issues as well.

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