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Saturday, July 15, 2006

SMRT Hires gangsters to guard their trains

Surprised? Let me tell you why.'

I was at Yio Chu Kang MRT fews days back and it was really the rushing period. A security guard (well, at least he was wearing the security overcoat) was walking on the platform swinging his hand and legs like the road is his grandpa's so to speak. Anyway, I brushed him on his hand while I was rushing through. Quickly I turn around and said sorry. Guess what? He stared at me... Not, rather his look was challenging me... I can almost hear the words" Wanna Fight is it?". Very Sialan. You saw gangsters before you know actually how he LJ face look like then.

I just ignore him because I am late anyway. Guess what he STARED at me all the way from the top to the escalator and he even followed me down. I mean WTF, you can stop me and search me or what I dun mind cos thats what you are paid for. I certainly did not think SMRT pay people to stared and "cut" at their customer. Anyway, I did know if he really wanted to hit me, but I got away quickly and went to the counter where the camera can see everything. I got hold of his name "Chong Kim Siong" from the counter. And I was told also he is from Petro. Sorry, never heard of this company. Probably they hire people from 369 or 18 Xiao Yi He or something. I also asked for a complain form.

When I thought about it, I dun know if I am angry for my cowardness or angry that I did not confront him. But I guess the least I can do is to complain and ensure he do not do the same to anyone else. Come on, Singapore is a small island and space is so limited. We often bump into each other (literally) and I guess I am happy enough to even get a sorry sometimes. I dun know what is his f*cking problem, but apparently this is the type of shit you only get from gangster anyway right? (OK, I am angry now) (btw, if you are from 369 or 18xyh, correct me if I am wrong, you do stared and start fights like this right?)

What else can I say? Now you believe me SMRT hire gangsters for security?

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