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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Retro Dog Cafe

Although there is a 1901 Hot Dog store right near the station at Simei, I would highly recommend this hot dog store on the 2nd or 3rd level right in the corner. Find the Japanese food and you will find this store. Operated by 3 girls as far as I saw, they have a hotdog bun (even beef) and a coke at $2. Its half the price of 1901. Well I am not saying 1901 is not nice, I had tried and loved it... At least the one in Malacca and KL. Singapore I have yet to bite on one yet.

Anyway, back to this Retro Dog Cafe. Its pretty cool place. While I was there was quiet and nice. I dun know if they will be there for very long. But I guess the place is small but cosy. And the food is not bad at all. Go take a look if you drop by Eastpoint. BTW, I would skip Pet Safari now. Its became so small I dun think Safari is the word. Maybe Pet Quarters?

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