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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Original AHS Song

浩荡嵯峨气象雄,黉舍峙,狮岛中。 圣洁公义道之宗,肇锡佳名号圣公。
咨爾多士慎磨砻,维上帝,临汝躬。 春弦夏誦莫从容, 干云之木自青葱。

And that is the original. Well, I guess the new gen-Y people just think that it i too chim to understand for the gen-z students or what? The new song is simple until it almost feel like a children song. I simply feel that it cannot make it.

Anyway, if you feel so and still at least care about it, go join the petition at :

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

how was the song sung anyway? for the life of me, can't remember.... I must be getting old and senile liao.... ;-)

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