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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Office Genuine Validation

The truth is here. OGV does exist. I just got a called from a friend in some 3rd world country that suddenly her Office just does not updates even though its like the nth time she tried it on the internet. The updates downloads properly alright and she even tried the admin install. It just fail to update.

After looking at about 30 mins, I notice there is this new thingie call Office Genuine Validation that appears. Another one of Microsoft Nagware... Well we still have to accept the fact that not everyone bought MS Office in the world. So, the quite obvious way to solve this is to get one. But then how do you change your license key without having to reinstall? (Presuming you got the same Office version anyway. Different version will require reinstall anyway.)

I had found the right (or so far not other better way) to do it and so I presume its nice to post and share with everyone here.

Open Regedit and go to :
(Assuming you are using Office 2003)

There are one or more banch values depending on how much of Office have you installed. for example Frontpage will have one on its own.

Under each branch :
Rename the key "ProductID" to "OldProductID"
Rename the key "DigitalProductId" to "OldDigitalProductId"

Run the Office application and it will ask you for a new CD Key. Key in andif everything goes well, you can then delete the 2 Old keys above.

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