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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Heretic - The Templar Chronicles Vol 1

Its extremely rare you will find me talk about a novel. This is one of those rare times.
This is a book I finished not long ago because I was digging up heavily on the templars. However I came across this book at AMK library and I thought what the heck, looks interesting.

Well, indeed it is. The main story surrounds Cade, a man driven by vengeance to hunt down an adversary whom had resulted in his family tradgey 5 years ago. But at the same time he is also Vertican secret weapon against the forces of darkness. Cade was know also as the Heretic because of the ungodly power he possessed and because so he is both feared and respected the the fellow templars guards. The story begins with an assault on Ravenvale, one of the HQ of operations, where there was no survivors. The brutal massacre however was clouded more by evidence of dark forces at work....

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