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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The 7th month is coming... twice!

Yeap. In case you dint know there are such thing as double month in the Lunar Calender. And this year, we actually gets 2 7th month. Well, just so happen that the 7th month is the GHOST month as well, I guess all I can say is I dont see the sunny path down the road.

For a start, I think my swimming is going to be affected. I personally do not like to go swimming during these months after the incidents so long ago. The ice cold water and the so heavy YIN air at the pool just gives me the good reason to passed. Well, liked I said, there are only a few things we can do in life to get as close to death as possible and swimming under the water surface with restricted air supply is one of them.

I dont suppose we need to burn 2x the amount for our grandparents although I am not sure if they will get their extra time here. Mum has insisted that we only treat it as one anyway. In any case, that also means if I want the bloody steak, I had better take them now than later cos my my unwilling gift. Well, thats exactly what I will do.

The Dark Side is always waiting. Waiting for us to enter, waiting to enter us. Until next time, try to enjoy the Day Light...

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