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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It stands for With Extreme Prejudice. This is another big movie script which I have the concept already but not yet start putting it down. This is a long time since my last script "Sword Maidens X" during my uni days. However, due to the complexity of this upcoming one, I am really afraid I do not have the time to do it. But the secret is I found a new way I would want to write this script. Roleplay. Yes, I believe I can cut down much of my time by getting people to roleplay the roles and characters in the movie and then I can record down the emotions and dialogues. Well, its a new method, but definitely worth a try given my limited resources.

The story. Emm. I am not too sure I wanted to give away too much... So let me just put in a very simple intro.

Passengers on board of Transatlantic TA711 were in for a flight of terror when their plane were hijaaked by terrorists. however before the terrorists can complete their mission, the plane went out of control. Against all odds, the passengers where rescued by a powerful alien race and were put into a hostile environment for a sick game against another alien race which similar to them were placed into the game. The stake is the that the alien would terminate and destroy the homeworld of whichever race that lost.

Before the passenger could recover from the shock, the ultimate showdown for humanity has begin. The alien race they were up against were strong and brutal. To add to this, the passengers background and grudges against each other are making the whole event even more complicated. To win, they will have to look beyond their differences and work together. The other alien race must be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Just when things are beginning to work out with the remaining survivors, they begin to release their enemies has much more similarity to themselves then they know. There are deeper and darker plots at work and they just release that there is no escape from the game...

Well, its pretty much the idea. I hope I can put it into better words later on...

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