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Friday, June 09, 2006

An Auction gone terribly wrong Part 4

Its just about 10 pm then and I got a call from cynthia. Fantastic, now she is calling me. She said she will double check with her friend cos I asked her for the account number of her friend (the wrong one vs the right one) so that I can explain to the bank which is the actually correct one.

Then she nicely asked again why the Bedok Police Post is calling her. So now I know why the sudden change of attitude and tone. I still remember she even challenged me to report her then. She obviously thought everything will not be bothered. After some SMS, she wanted to settled with 50% refund. I refused. The lost of post is not my problem and anyway since the police is involved, I wash my hand off the matter. I am just sick and tired of all these now. I only wanted justice to be served if indeed there is foul play at work.

It was another day for me in ICT. I suddenly got a SMS... Then, she said she checked and her friend got the cash. It was a "confusion"... She said she would refund... Emm, that is exactly what I expected. She has been lying all the time. I am at a crossroad of whether I should settled this or let this continue. Its not about the money now. I just did not want a con-woman to get away with this. I did not contact the police anyway. I thought if they needed more info or response they would contact me anyway.

And this is the best part, now the bank suddenly contact me and said they managed to contact the account holder which is her "friend" and she said she had settled with me. I actually felt a bit bad about shouting at her last night, but then I decided just to close the case so that its easier for everybody. I told her nicely that DBS help is no longer needed since I had already filed a police report. Lesson learn : DBS will never get the job done unless you makea police report.

Anyway, its a few days later and nothing was in my account. I SMS asking her and she transfered the money back in the evening. The police did not contact me. but I suppose they had it settled somehow or had not heard from me and presumed the matter is resolved. I must still add that they are efficient and immediately started investigation even when it was 10pm then and that was only 2 hours since my report. This is something I really put my thumbs up for.

I dun know what else can happen of this, but I felt is the the final part of this horrible experience and I hope you learn something from my blog here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sometimes u need to be truthful, i thought getting the money back is more important? and you were one didnt want to report lor... i bug you to report one... once again... duh!

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