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Friday, June 09, 2006

An Auction gone terribly wrong Part 3

Just to follow up on the event.
DBS finally send me a letter and this is the exact quotes :
"As we are unable to obtain the consent of the account holder to return the fund, we are sorry that we could not assist you further on this matter"

Well, actually they didn't even try hard enough. They couldn't even contact the account holder. I had very seldom called up someone and totally screw or shouted at and this is one time I really did. I mean, WTF you mean you cannot contact your account holder? What sort of f*cking bank are you? So I go and con some money or hold some black cash and you can't contact me then its like what you say you cannot "assist further on this matter"? This is really the f*ck up attitude we needed from the national bank.

Anyway, Ms Lim Siew Leng was on the other line and she can only say she can try contacting again, but if no response there is nothing else to do. Well, then go ahead and contact her again. Try a few times more. don't come telling me you can't do anything. Look here, if not why not give me the contact, I do the contacting. Obviously, that canot be done, so who else can contact the account holder if the bank say they can't even do it.

I put down the phone and calmed down. There is nothing I can do to the bank for now. The only other option left now is to seek legal power to settle. If the police is involved I am sure DBS will not be able to tell them that they cannot "assist further on this matter". So, after some careful thoughts, I decided its best to make a police report anyway due to the following points :

1. I don't know if the account is really wrong. From my experience its unlikely unless the bank has no verification digit and any account number works.
2. Cynthia (the miracle girl) can very well be conning people using hte same method over and over again. I just checked and one of hte other buyer actually posted something on my auction asking for her number. Same story. After send payment, then uncontactable. Professionally, I can't give the number, but I advice the other buyer to go ahead and make a police report as well just in case my guts feeling is right.
3. Cynthia has insisited she send out the item using normal post which is a good excuse for lost item and no proof that she send it out. Of course, what if she really did not send out. Won't that be very convenient?

I had made a report online (wow, I didn't know you can do that actually) and its already 8 pm then. Now all can be done is wait.

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