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Friday, June 09, 2006

$1.50 for a plate of Cha Quei Tiao

That must be crazy right? Well its a pretty big plate. Much much more than those you pay $3 in food court. I ordered 2 that day for me and a friend. Well, you know that, the store owner, Ah Hoe, said $3. So I paid him. then my friend proceed to pay for his. But Ah Hoe said paid liao. Its only $1.50 each. You cannot imagine the look on our faces.

Its pretty good and brings back all those memories when I was eating the same Cha Quei Tao (fried flated noodle in soy sauce) about some 10 years ago. Although there was no ham crockles inside, its still good with the fishcake and stuff.

Well, unfortunately this store is in the army camp and not accessible outside. If not I will go eat every so and then. And of course, I was not able to take a photo fo the plate but its one hell of a cheap Cha Quei Tiao you can get. Anyone found anything else that can beat this?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i know its nice to eat, but its not good to eat. You said cannot eat noodles in the morning, but eating this are worst then having noodles in the morning... duh!

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