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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It stands for With Extreme Prejudice. This is another big movie script which I have the concept already but not yet start putting it down. This is a long time since my last script "Sword Maidens X" during my uni days. However, due to the complexity of this upcoming one, I am really afraid I do not have the time to do it. But the secret is I found a new way I would want to write this script. Roleplay. Yes, I believe I can cut down much of my time by getting people to roleplay the roles and characters in the movie and then I can record down the emotions and dialogues. Well, its a new method, but definitely worth a try given my limited resources.

The story. Emm. I am not too sure I wanted to give away too much... So let me just put in a very simple intro.

Passengers on board of Transatlantic TA711 were in for a flight of terror when their plane were hijaaked by terrorists. however before the terrorists can complete their mission, the plane went out of control. Against all odds, the passengers where rescued by a powerful alien race and were put into a hostile environment for a sick game against another alien race which similar to them were placed into the game. The stake is the that the alien would terminate and destroy the homeworld of whichever race that lost.

Before the passenger could recover from the shock, the ultimate showdown for humanity has begin. The alien race they were up against were strong and brutal. To add to this, the passengers background and grudges against each other are making the whole event even more complicated. To win, they will have to look beyond their differences and work together. The other alien race must be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Just when things are beginning to work out with the remaining survivors, they begin to release their enemies has much more similarity to themselves then they know. There are deeper and darker plots at work and they just release that there is no escape from the game...

Well, its pretty much the idea. I hope I can put it into better words later on...

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Crow : Wicked Prayer ~ Alive In Your Memories

Alive In Your Memories
Ending Theme of "The Crow : Wicked Prayer"

Download :

In the Darkness of nighttime
As you lay down to sleep
If you hold on to memories
In your dreams we will meet
You can look in my blue eyes
Touch my black flowing hair
Whenever you need me
I'll always be there

Through the rest of your travel
And the long road ahead
Don't give in to your sadness
Let our love guide instead
In the air all around you
I'm the wind in your face
Floating closer and closer
To our final embrace

I'm alive
In your memories
Still alive
In your memories

Though in this world my body has died
Inside your heart my spirit's alive
Close your eyes
Do you see?
I'm right here
Because I'm alive in your memories

Love like ours last forever
Through the oceans of time
Make your earth endeavors
In the end you'll be mine
While you live out your history
I'll guide you along
Until we're together
Right where we belong

I'm alive
In your memories
Still alive
In your memories

Though in this world my body has died
Inside your heart my spirit's alive
Close your eyes
Do you see?
I'm right here
Because I'm alive in your memories

It's reallty a pity this is not going to be release on CD and this is one really nice and soft piece from Jamie Christopherson. If you watched the show you probably understand the mood and sadness in the song. BTW, this is one show many either love it or hate it. I love the cool cinematography. Although it seems low-budget but the sound, music and mood settings is really good and I simple love it.

More about him and his works:

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sushi Tei at Raffles City

Ther was this new branch that came up inside Raffles City at City Hall MRT. I was just too thrilled to try cos Sushi Tei was fantastic esp in the town areas. Little did I know this is the exception somehow.

Firstly, I was assigned to this place I called the "forgotten corner". Practically no waiter/waitress pass by here. I ordered some dishes and sushi. And I hadto kinda hint that I did not have wasabi and chopstick before they finally brought it to me. That is not so crucial in terms of food actually, but unfortunately, the Salmon is not fresh :(

Yes, I know its hard to believe, but I am not the only one. Another westerner at a nearby table was probably playing host to his close oversea friends and he is extremely disgraced by the quality of the food. I didn't need to make noise this time. He did. Really blew his top.

Well, I do hope they get better and if you go, try to insist to sit at the sushi bar. Or else you might end up in the forgotten corner like me.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day Watch

Day Watch is the 2nd movie following Night Watch. This russian movie really rocks and has a deep story line and great CG. The 2nd part follows closely with the 1st part but introduce the 3rd faction known as the Inqusitors ( in addition to the Night Watch and Day Watch factions which we already seen in part 1) which acts as the balancer of power. Let me not spoilt the story too much so that you can catch it.

Unfortunately, this meant to be trilogy ended here. All thanks to FOX SEARCHLIGHT which bought the rights, canceled the 3rd movie titled Twilight Watch, and cut the 2nd one short in order to end it. FOX is going to remake the trilogy in Hollywood though. FOX has killed off enough of good stuff. Is there no end to this rampage?

More posters :
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Friday, June 09, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06 is finally in

Yes, after testing the beta for a while, the final is out now. The update is unbelivable simple. Just pop in the Alternative CD, not the Install CD, and then run :

update-manager -d

Thats all. It will load the package and download some and you ubuntu is updated. I will also be ordering some CDs in for this. So, when its in, do pick up a copy from me ok?

$1.50 for a plate of Cha Quei Tiao

That must be crazy right? Well its a pretty big plate. Much much more than those you pay $3 in food court. I ordered 2 that day for me and a friend. Well, you know that, the store owner, Ah Hoe, said $3. So I paid him. then my friend proceed to pay for his. But Ah Hoe said paid liao. Its only $1.50 each. You cannot imagine the look on our faces.

Its pretty good and brings back all those memories when I was eating the same Cha Quei Tao (fried flated noodle in soy sauce) about some 10 years ago. Although there was no ham crockles inside, its still good with the fishcake and stuff.

Well, unfortunately this store is in the army camp and not accessible outside. If not I will go eat every so and then. And of course, I was not able to take a photo fo the plate but its one hell of a cheap Cha Quei Tiao you can get. Anyone found anything else that can beat this?

An Auction gone terribly wrong Part 4

Its just about 10 pm then and I got a call from cynthia. Fantastic, now she is calling me. She said she will double check with her friend cos I asked her for the account number of her friend (the wrong one vs the right one) so that I can explain to the bank which is the actually correct one.

Then she nicely asked again why the Bedok Police Post is calling her. So now I know why the sudden change of attitude and tone. I still remember she even challenged me to report her then. She obviously thought everything will not be bothered. After some SMS, she wanted to settled with 50% refund. I refused. The lost of post is not my problem and anyway since the police is involved, I wash my hand off the matter. I am just sick and tired of all these now. I only wanted justice to be served if indeed there is foul play at work.

It was another day for me in ICT. I suddenly got a SMS... Then, she said she checked and her friend got the cash. It was a "confusion"... She said she would refund... Emm, that is exactly what I expected. She has been lying all the time. I am at a crossroad of whether I should settled this or let this continue. Its not about the money now. I just did not want a con-woman to get away with this. I did not contact the police anyway. I thought if they needed more info or response they would contact me anyway.

And this is the best part, now the bank suddenly contact me and said they managed to contact the account holder which is her "friend" and she said she had settled with me. I actually felt a bit bad about shouting at her last night, but then I decided just to close the case so that its easier for everybody. I told her nicely that DBS help is no longer needed since I had already filed a police report. Lesson learn : DBS will never get the job done unless you makea police report.

Anyway, its a few days later and nothing was in my account. I SMS asking her and she transfered the money back in the evening. The police did not contact me. but I suppose they had it settled somehow or had not heard from me and presumed the matter is resolved. I must still add that they are efficient and immediately started investigation even when it was 10pm then and that was only 2 hours since my report. This is something I really put my thumbs up for.

I dun know what else can happen of this, but I felt is the the final part of this horrible experience and I hope you learn something from my blog here.

An Auction gone terribly wrong Part 3

Just to follow up on the event.
DBS finally send me a letter and this is the exact quotes :
"As we are unable to obtain the consent of the account holder to return the fund, we are sorry that we could not assist you further on this matter"

Well, actually they didn't even try hard enough. They couldn't even contact the account holder. I had very seldom called up someone and totally screw or shouted at and this is one time I really did. I mean, WTF you mean you cannot contact your account holder? What sort of f*cking bank are you? So I go and con some money or hold some black cash and you can't contact me then its like what you say you cannot "assist further on this matter"? This is really the f*ck up attitude we needed from the national bank.

Anyway, Ms Lim Siew Leng was on the other line and she can only say she can try contacting again, but if no response there is nothing else to do. Well, then go ahead and contact her again. Try a few times more. don't come telling me you can't do anything. Look here, if not why not give me the contact, I do the contacting. Obviously, that canot be done, so who else can contact the account holder if the bank say they can't even do it.

I put down the phone and calmed down. There is nothing I can do to the bank for now. The only other option left now is to seek legal power to settle. If the police is involved I am sure DBS will not be able to tell them that they cannot "assist further on this matter". So, after some careful thoughts, I decided its best to make a police report anyway due to the following points :

1. I don't know if the account is really wrong. From my experience its unlikely unless the bank has no verification digit and any account number works.
2. Cynthia (the miracle girl) can very well be conning people using hte same method over and over again. I just checked and one of hte other buyer actually posted something on my auction asking for her number. Same story. After send payment, then uncontactable. Professionally, I can't give the number, but I advice the other buyer to go ahead and make a police report as well just in case my guts feeling is right.
3. Cynthia has insisited she send out the item using normal post which is a good excuse for lost item and no proof that she send it out. Of course, what if she really did not send out. Won't that be very convenient?

I had made a report online (wow, I didn't know you can do that actually) and its already 8 pm then. Now all can be done is wait.

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