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Thursday, May 04, 2006

MySQL 5 + PHP 5 + vBulletin 3.5.4 ... on Windows IIS

Yeap, the obviously crazy combination. Running 3 open sources, 2 being free (vBulletin is not free and I wonder why would anyone pay for it) and one Windows 2003 with IIS. Who would want to do it? Not you? Well, I just did because of some crazy client needs. Personally I still feel open source should be left on the *nix platform.

Firstly, lets do MySQL. Piece of cake using the Installer version. But the problem is only beginning. Lets worry abt it later though. Make sure you dun get any errors during the installation.

Next, lets do PHP. Installing it again from the Installer version. If you encounter any errors, which some peopel do and I did, simple uninstall it and redo until you can get all working esp the Wscript part because its going to get very messy fixing that.

Throw in the vBulletin and Tada, it works. No way man, not this time. Go to /vBulletin/install/config.php and immediate you get the "VB3.5 requires that the MySQL functions in PHP be available. " error. Totally cryptic. Basically, what you need to do :

1. Go to %windows%/php.ini and uncomment the line ";extension=php_mysql.dll"
2. If you like you can try again, but you will get the missing php_mysql.dll error.
3. So, this is the hard part, you need that DLL. You cant compile it in Windows with a make, make install. So you will need to download the package version. You will find the DLL inside "ext" directory. Copy this to your PHP directory. (C:\PHP).

Now kick the /vBulletin/install/config.php and you are in business.
Well, I wont go about explaing configuring vBulletin here, you are on your own.

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