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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Help! my Ah Long has voted for me!

Ok, this is meant to be funny. But its about a serious issue.
What IF, my IC was taken away by the Ah long I borrow money from or the security guard at some private estate and he used my NRIC to vote?
Will I be arrested when I go vote later?
No, according to what I know. But they will require you to sign some paper to invalidate the previous vote. That fair enough right? You dun get double vote.
BUT here is the catch. From what I heard, you are not allowed to voted otherwise after invalidating the previous vote. Basically you have lost your right to vote?
This is pretty crap as far as I am concern. I am already a victim of the incident and yet I and sure not allow to vote?
Ok, supposely I ask what my previous vote was. If its what I wanted anyway, can I don't invalidate it instead. Err... They will tell you NO. They can't tell you. What? You mean I am NOT allowed to know who I voted for? I mean its sensible to keep the vote secret, but thats as far as other people's vote is concerned. Why should I NOT be allowed to know who I voted for?
Ok, I know thats getting ridiculous.
But guess what? In order to invalidate the vote, they will have to find the serial number which is listed with my name previously. OK, so this IS the reason why there is a serial number to track me. Wow, how many people are you expecting to vote twice?
Voting is secret. Voting is anonymous. Most importantly, voting should be be taped recorded on a video camera mounted on top of the voting center right?

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