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Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Auction gone terribly wrong Part 2

I has heard of stories of auction con and unfortunately this whole string of event has pointed to that. A claim that the account was wrong, when it was right. Then refusal to send item. Most buyers will give up and just be sad and angry that they were unlucky. But not me, especially now that I know I can actually recover the transaction, hopefully. And then, another SMS to her again and she claim she has sent out and started calling names and obviously the unfriendly tone.

Wtf are u irritating or what. Two days ago didnt i sms u that item been sent out it was on a friday. Only to realise e money been transfer to wrong acc. And now u keep pestering me like a pests. What more do u want me to reply u.

Suddenly I look like hte bad guy. So silent it shall be I said to myself.

On Monday, I went to the bank to see what can be done. DBS said you can request to reverse the transfer but I have some forms to sign etc. So in 5 mins, all is done. All I have to do is to wait for their officers to conduct their invetigation and maybe call me etc.

Meanwhile, a few days has passed. Yes, DBS actually hasn't called me. I did asked how long it would take, DBS told me they dun know. I wonder who would know... Anyway, suddenly I get a SMS from her again, for the first time she started. Basically she asked if I had received the item. Well, of course not I told her. And I might as well as her how she manage to send the registered post on a holiday friday. Guess what? She DIDN'T. It was sent as a normal post. Now there is no way to check or even verified that she did send or I didn't received. This is totally so no cool for a seller to promise one thing and then do otherwise.

Anyway, I message her and told her I didn't want post in the first place. And she promised registered post. Now, I think I can't be at the least responsible for the "lost" of the item. Andthen silence again. I wonder how does she do business with other people.

You said you will send by reg post one lo. Not my fault. Told you dont do by post liao. You can ask singpost to trace lo even for norMal post.

Anyway, all I can do now is wait and see. I will only make my next move when I can recover my cost from DBS and whether I did recieved the item or not will decide what I will need to do. IF I do recieved it in good condition however, I feel its only fair I pay her (if I can recover my cash from DBS). Well, can anything else go wrong?

To be continue...

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