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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The package

The wait was over, after 2 whole weeks of waiting since the PC fair. Its finally here... What is it? See next post...

All this just because of Webshot Screensaver

176 Critical. Well done. Lets see you install another screen saver again. The best screen saver by the way, is power down your monitor. BTW, Webshot screensaver is a spyware.

Dominoco has a new look

Dominoco is old and the only AMD around now... But the casing is totally shitted out. So instead ofa full revamp which is really goign to cost me, I just changed the casing... Its not a new casing, but its pretty decent. Just missing the front USB though...

$7 for soup?

This bowl of soup is $7 or so... Would you pay for it? Lets leave out the point whether its tasty or not, but its $7... ok, maybe you get a bread along with it... Or are we simply getting too rich until we do not know what to do with our money. Well, please refer to my "Funds for Future Tsunami Victims*"... In anycase, since I am nto against this shop or something lets not mention where it is... but its sure crowded...

* Refer to definition of future and tsunami. Not applicable for any other cases of crisis and funds expires in 3 years if unused.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Xbox 360 doesn't have Blue Screen of Death

Ya, I can prove it... Its not BLUE. Its BLACK. Its STILL BSOD anyway. Emm, E71 is sure a lot more informative then the Windows errors? Ya, right. So much for XBox 360. Lets wait for XBox 720. (360=$360SRP)

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