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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Witchcraft : A True Story

This is a retold of a 80s story which appears in the newspaper. Its a huge story that rocks S E Asia back then. Basically this is what happened :

A old man died. He came back to life. Everything seems normal, but a shocking true came to the family when he was examined at the hospital. All his internal organ is not alive. They are beginning to rot and decompose. The old man does not even have basic functions a normal person should have. Yet, the true is, he is standing here alive... Soon after, suddenly the old man passed away AGAIN. This time for good.

Ok, I think if you are scared, you better stop now. What I am going to tell here is the true that has been hidden for years. Whether you believe me or not, its all up to you.

The old man has a few children. One of the son has practised and trained in the chinese arts of magic. When the old man was in grave illness before his first death, this son who has a very filial person begged and asked the Hell King to prolong his father's life in exchange for his. He did not knew if it would work, but its a long shot. True enough, his father was revived and eveything seems normal to the family. His father ate, sleep and even joked. However, his son knew somewhere was not quite right due to his father's aura.

He prayed again and seek for an answer. He even confronted his father, but his father did not show any signs of problem. Eventually, he wanted his father to go to the hospital for checkup. Hi father was totally mad about it and refused. He even fought against going. In the end, its with the help of the family, he practically dragged him to the hospital. The result was scary as mentioned before.

At night, his son finally came alone to talk to his father. He asked him who is he and what he wanted. At first, his father did not respond, until eventually he has to use magic arts against him when the family finally admitted he is not their father. He is a demi-god of the forest. His temple was destroyed a long time ago and has nobody praying to him. As a result, he is weak and eventually found the oppocunity to occupy the father's body as well as his memories.

So began a long and hard process of bargain the son has with the demi-god so that his father's body can rest in piece and not pieces. The demi-god also realized that the body will not hold and is breaking down. In the end, some promises were made. The details I do not know, but its probably to do with burning paper money and setting up a temple or shrine for the demi-god. With that promise, the father died again.

The son was the person who retold the story. He has kept this secret for years and not even his family knew about it then. Well, I retold his story here. Its an amazing tale, but I do hope nobody loses sleep on this.

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