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Monday, February 27, 2006

What Lies Benealth

Ever bought something from the store somewhere and there is a sticker over it...
Well especially when it comes to drugs and medications. What actually lies benealth the sticker? Ever wondered?

Well, the above is covered with a local distributor... What is actually said is this :

Well, from my knowledge, there are several possible reasons why sometimes this is done. Mostly its due to regulations. In some country its ok to claim something which is totally not true or even claim it contains something that is not present in the formulae. Believe me, such countries exist. And very often, its because some of these has been modified to be sutied for local sale. For example, instead of saying "it can cause death due to drug allegie", they might want to rephase it as "allegie can results in various reactions"...

In any case, I am not here to attack the company or this product. But I am saying, next time when you see a sticker over your product, do entertain yourself and see what you have been missing. (BTW, in case you want to know, I will NEVER buy these product in general, especially pets food, where its so common to see these)

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