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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ultraviolet - Redefine Cool

After the try-so-hard to be cool Underworld:Revolution, I guess I am pretty dead hearted about seeing another one good cool movie. I am not even looking forward to the end of trilogy Underworld:Revelation (Just guessing) ... Until I saw this poster and this trailer...

Ultraviolet is about a futuristic world where super soldiers were made from vampiric blood mutation and suddenly the government feel threaten and wanted to get rid of them. The problem, Milla Jovovich is Violet. One of the best and guess what, the starring of this movie.

Well, I am looking forward to this one. To be honest, I did not really regconise her in black hair though. To catch the really good trailer, you can try grabbing it off Sony's site or to get a really good one, try the 104MB ones around. Megagames one is cool.

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