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Monday, February 27, 2006

Tammy loses her phone today, what will you lose tomorrow?

A recently hot topic about dear tammy whose handphone was stolen and sex video exposed over the internet. In this case, its a simple clear cut. Girl owns the information, thief stolen it. Thief deserved to be punished. But wait a minute, what about the owner of the data? OK, I know I sound like I going against Tammy now. But the fact is I am not. She has my sympathy. And believe me, I also have lots of naked pictures (of Bobi and Wini) inside my phone which is very dear to me...

The point is lets think of another story. Bank ABC. They love you and gave you tons of credit cards, accounts etc. All your personal information is "safe" with them, even your mother's maiden name, fcs. Well, I do feel this information can be discriminating... Imagine those poor fokes from the orphanare? Are they destiny to never own a card?

In any case, Bank ABC has your info. They setup some webportal, did not test it properly (as always) and has obvious loophole where a user can click cancel, reset pasword and change the account number to some other account and create a new password, then download al lthe data belonging not only to this account, but all the accounts... There. As bad as it can sound, but 100% possible.

Wanna-be-hacker XYZ went in one day, foundthe click click fault by accident, then change a account, login, manage to download all the accounts data of every single customer of Bank ABC. Eventually, either he brag about it and got caught, or a customer complained, the "hack" was found. XYZ is probably punished and jailed (and quite likely get a few job offers waiting for him at realease). End of story. The bad guy is punished.

Or is it? Whose fault is it? Does the bank has no fault at all? Is the holder of data information not held responsible at all? There may not be a Privacy law here in Singapore, but I certainly feel the Govenment should consider have a law to hold information holders responsible for any breaches. You still trust you bank? They are not responsible if you data is stolen? The hacker's fault. They will coldly stared at you and answer. This is certainly not the way I would like it...

In USA, there are even laws now to ensure that not only are data information holder responisble, but they are not suppose to retain data that they cannot proved to be in use by them, like my neighbours name or when my grandpa died.

Ok, back to Tammy. On one hand, she is a victim here. But maybe she should take good care of her phone esp when such important data is inside. On the other hand, I know how easy it is to lose a handphone. Well, about losing handphone, thats another story for another.

Lets just let this matters rest for Tammy and I hope it will be soon forgotten.

(Now, can you please stop bugging me while I click the [Download Video Now] here... what do you mean is this the video, of course it is...Ha? Cannot play 3gp files? no, wait what the f***, I thought we are offline now... Can something shut the g*d d*mn blog recorder...[click])

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