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Monday, February 27, 2006

All your coins are belong to me

The coke machine "eats" my coins again. This time 2 single $1 ( Don't ask, I was stupid enough... ). I felt likely kicking and murdering the vending machine on the spot. Well, then I realise there was a number 1800-xxxxxxx to call label on the machine...

That was some days back. And within 2 weeks, I got a letter like this one here :

Well, and of course there is this $2 attached to it...

I might not be able to get back the lost airtime on my mobile phone (yes, I can't believe it either, you still pay airtime for 1800 number in Singapore...), but at least I dun have to keep remembering this incident and having to wake up from a nightmare where the Coke machine is murbering "All - All - All your coins, are belong to me..."

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