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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ah Hao Must Die!

Visit and sign the petition to show your support for the fair and just death sentence fo Ah Hao.

Just kidding, the ISP refused to let me host the domain. But nevertheless, why should we let Ah Hao live? Here are some posible reasons :

1. So that he can kill other pesty 8 years olds you really hate in school.
2. So that Malaysia people dun say we Singaporean bully outsiders.
3. So that he can assist in the multi million dollars production of "True Crime : Singapore" as well as "I know who kill your daughter last summer"

Seriously, Ah Hao die die also will not say what really happen. Was it to protect someone else who is possibly involved or simply he is trying to play insanity till the end. Neither way, unless he do reveal why and how, he is the one and only person who can possible kill Wang Na. Well, unless you consider the case that Wang Na decided to struggle herself to death.

Please, think of the justice and the consequences. If we can no longer uphold Justice and the judgement passed can be easily revoted by a simple petition and press pressure, then murders will go free and kill again. Ultimately, its the inoocent will will suffer.

Note that neither do I side with Wang Na or her family. Her parents will dishonest people will continued to lie about al lthe details and has since lost my trust. I am not saying Wang Na deserved to die, but her parents simply are too rich and arrogant to be pitied. Imagine what all those money donated could had done for the old folks home or centers for the unfortunates.

Lastly, its really funny why we have to be so concerned about a China girl getting killed by a Malaysian man in Singapore.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He must die, else I will lose all trust in the government (as if there's a lot of trust there anyway...)

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