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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How much are you donating?

"Xmas time is a good time for charity", I was once told.
Then added "Unless you are a Jew cos Xmas doesn't applies to you."
Well said my Jew friend. Xmas doesn't applies to me neither. :)

But look at how much people is donating actually?
Take a certain phone call donation for example :
$5.25 you paid end of the month on your phone bill.
Gov take 5% as GST.
$0.21 goes to the telco provider.
And the production unit takes 33% because of the operation cost.
The org promise to donate 38% to the needy people.
Well, how good is your maths?
OK, the figure could be wrong...Its pretty close anyway, but lets take a look and see:

$5.25 x 100/105 = $5.00
$5.00 - $0.21 = $4.79 (after admin charge)
$4.79 x 66% = $3.1614 (after production cost)
$3.1614 x 38% = $1.201322 (only this goes to the needy)

OK, supposely a total of event raise $200k, we can be sure the production cost comes to $66k even if the performers does it for free. Then the gov gets $10k of GST and the telco gets * $0.21.
Now, tell me who is the winner? And actually how much does the needy gets from a $200k event?
My friend, we had been donating to everyone else besides than the needy all along.

I am not asking you to stop donating to NKF. I am asking you to stop donating to EVERYONE if this practise has to continue this way.
You may take a $1000 cheque and give it to the elder home, an orphange or even SPCA, fcs, but that $1000 goes st to them without all the filters and guess what you can even tax rebate that because internet and phone donation is strictly not tax rebatale. :)

So, stop making those silly call and get your cheque book. BTW, please donate to my funds for future tsunami victims. :P

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Anonymous said...

hmph. my wini lei?

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