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Monday, December 05, 2005

Wedding Dinner turns into Nightmare at Holiday Inn Atrium

I missed one of my best friend's wedding some time back. Due to more than one reasonor another. But when I got in touch again, I was not able to even finish my blessing and I was told one of the most horrifying nightmare wedding dinner I heard so far.

Its a waste to keep in quiet. To be couples, I present to you this nightmare which I pray you will avoid at all cost.

Here goes :

My experience with them is so bad that my dream wedding has turned into a nightmare!

1) guests were spilled with beer even before the dinner started
2) the plates and spoons were dirty
3) it was supposed to be free-flow beer, and plenty of wine and liquor to go around... halfway thru dinner, all 'run out' liao? had prepared 18 botts of liquor, end up having to bring back 15 botts....
4) Asked for extra towels for the room twice, never received them even after 3 hours....
5) as the wedding couple, that's us, were mingling with the guests, we were 'asked' to move out of the way for the waiters to bring the dirty dishes out. I tot we were supposed to be the 'highlight' of the day? how can they ask us to 'move out of the way'????
6) guests complained that when their wine arrived, in the beginning of dinner, the wineglasses had lipstick marks on them!
7) after champagne pouring and before toasting, some of the empty champagne glasses on the 'fountain' were banged into, fell and broke!
8) after the event over, tried to call the F&B guy on handphone, never answer and never call back even the next day
9) checking out that time, still can't get hold of the F&B guy, just get presented by the total bill..... overall... PLS DUN USE HOLIDAY INN ATRIUM. My experience was just soooo bad that i have to warn other ppl out there...

OK, hope you dun lost sleep or worse call off your wedding becos of me. :)
Personally, if I have mine, no Dinner. You can count on these words. It would be a light buffet in the sunday afternoon where everyone just bring food and just eat and chit chat. More like the American get-together style. I hate big crowds and lots of beer etc cos basically I am not the beer guy. I only like wine and they are expensive :P.

1 comment:

BeLessBored said...

That's most unfortunate. On the bright side there's much more joy in a marriage than the wedding if love is at the center. Remember: marriage takes three. God bless!

I have enjoyed reading your blogventures ;)

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