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Friday, November 11, 2005

Upgrading Ubuntu

V5.10 Breezy has been out for a while. I guess many people are probably still unsure what needs to be done to upgrade from 5.04 Hoary... Well, I learn it the hard way.

Let me tell you the wrong way to do it first. Download the CD. Not the LiveCD but the installation. Either its cache or the Internet is really fast. Then pop it in and install it. Wait, it stopped somewhere saying it found the old version and cacenl itself. Well, I should had thought why did it do that, but I was just rushing and I went back to the menu and force it to install anyway... After some more wasted time anda reboot. My Ubuntu is pretty dead. Another one bites the dust.

OK, let try another approach. On another Ubuntu. I installed Synaptic. Its cool and I am going to tell you why. First you open up /etc/apt/sources.list. Backup this file is you want to. Simply replace blindly "hoary" to "breezy". This is where I miss my [Ctrl][H]. Anyway, just get it done using emac, vi, or whatever.

Then fire up Synaptic. Go to Sources and you probably still see your old CD source there. I don't know why I didn't removed it in the sources.list. Anyway, its a good check. If its there delete it. If not, no harm done. Next insert the 5.10 CD if you have it.

Edited : You will have to remove the first line usually with the "cdrom" label in the source.

Run "apt-cdrom add" and it will add your CD as the new source. Unless your CD is damaged, it should be recognized as the Brezzy CD.

Run "apt-get update" and it should update your source list to point to the new breezy repositories. IF this part fail due to network, please try until it works.

Now, this is the longest part. Run "apt-get dist-upgrade" and yes, you may need to download some package since Breezy has been out for a while and newer package may had been out. Mine was about 450MB anyway, but I didn't really care. Time to grab my cereals and skim milk and take my breakfast.

After the reboot, you should have a working Ubuntu breezy now. I did. Just don't do what I did in the first place of this article. Now, I have time to tacklethe Gentoo...

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