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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sony DRM

I am totally disappointed at the way Sony handles the DRM issue : By Installing a Rootkit! Well if you are going to ask what the hell is a rootkit? Its something that injects inside into your computer, then stealth itself so that even the process list cannot find it. Basically, it took over your computer. Well, back to Sony DRM. As usualy, this ends up hurting the people who bought ORIGINAL and support the music industry (well, at least Sony's industrial). Well done. The pirates never had a problem and its is highly unlikely you will find the DRM rootkit in those pirated CD.

OK, now comes the interestign part. Sony says it cant be harmful. Totally wrong. So far, 2 variants of trojans and several MMORPG trainers had made use of this. All backed by Sony's Technology. Now, when the DRM rootkit is in anyfiles named $sys$*.* will not be detetable. Don't laugh, I know what you are thinking. ANY process you can just rename it such and you have a stealthware protected by Sony's Technology. I can only imagine what else can people make from this? Perhaps a random file deleter? Emm... IF you own a Sony CD in the past year, its time to sweat, because as of now, there is no way to remove it without crippling your Windows. I am researching a bit on this. Hopefully, can fidn a way to undo the damage.

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