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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Of birds and snakes

There were a group of birds who live in a wooden box in the garden. The box are opened one way and they hide from their enemy, the snake, who wanted to eat them.

One day, Bird A discovered a hole on the box and informed the Elder bird about it. The Elder, instead of being thankful, accused Bird A of making the hole in the first place. Bird A was quickly punished and banished to silent the whole issue.

Bird B is a good friend of Bird A, but is not brave enough to voice out the truth. But knowing the danger, he fled from the box in fear that the Elder will punish him if he knows that he knows about the hole.

In the meantime, everyone believed the Elder and he said it is perfectly safe in their box. However the snake soon found out about the box and started eating up the birds one by one.

A few months passed and Bird B came back to the box. There is no one left. Bird B took a stone and stuff it into the hole covering it and lived happily everafter. Nobody heard of Bird A, some said he was eaten by the snake, others said he founded his own box somewhere else.

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