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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

MX 2005

It was weeks ago. Attended the MX 2005 conference held here to launch the V8 of Macromedia products including Flash and Studio. I find that the programming part, used to be called ActionScript 2 (now ActionScript 3) is getting more and more like Microsoft IDE. In fact, many of the top designer and man in chargeof the systems are ex-Microsoft guys. :) So we can expect MS people to pick up quickly on this.

During the QA, top question came up to be "What is PHP?" I wanted to slap my forehead, then I suddenly remembered. We all know what that is (maybe some of us don't) but what does it stands for? PHP stands for "PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor". Yes its a recursive shortform. :) OF course many other questions came up and it seems pretty normal to most people. Not to the programmers of course. One of the audience (The same one that asked the PHP question I think) pointed out that "i++" in a for loop is wrong. I almost died laughing. But come on, from a non programmer, that certainly looks BS to me.

Anyway, I do wish to get some time to try out Macromedia products, but unfortunately they did not give out any demo.

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