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Friday, October 07, 2005

Ubuntu Grub Recovery

Another mini disaster stuck. I had to reinstall WinXP on my dual boot machine and the problem was I forgot to backup the boot sectors. Result was that the boot sector was overwritten during WinXP installation and I cannot go back to my Ubuntu now...

But fear not there must be plenty of help on the internet... Ok, let see.. Redhat, Debian, SuSE... Well, there are help for everything else except Ubuntu. And obviously this method don't quite work the same way, especially linux rescue doesn't work in Ubuntu bootup disc.

OK, so here I am going to post the solution. Bootup as per normal. Break the install procedure and get to the menu. You may shortcut to here but using expert as well. Anyway, you will need to go to the partition part and edit your mount point / in. BUT DO NOT FORMAT THE PARTITION!!! Ubuntu will doube check I think and warn about formating a previous installation, which IMHO is cool. OK, now you can skip the rest of the steps and go to the Install-GRUB option. btw, you may want to try and run install-grub from a shell in ubuntu... You will be shock to only find the *.deb there with nothing you can do. OK, back to the menu. It will try to install. If it did, good for you. For me, the instruction is not quite right. My first HDD turns out to be hd0 install of hda or whatever. Its pays off to check it while your ubuntu was working.

In any case, after sucessfully install grub, you can skip the rest of the step and reboot. TADA. IT works. And guess what the boot menu for me has changed. It even detected that I had upgrade from WinXP Home to WinXP Pro. Cool.

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