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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kismet + HostAP + AirCrack on Ubuntu Part 2

Ok, now we that we got hostap up, make sure you can on it in monitor mode. What you dun have a card that card do that? Em.. Then I dun know why you should be using hostap in the first place :P Anyway, to test run iwconfig wlan mode monitor. Or whatever your interface is. No error? Good. We are in business.

You will need to install Kismet now. Yes, I know. No package as well. There is kismet for Debian though under unstable branch. But I guess its a pretty good idea to recompile since you probably want the latest stable version of kismet. Get it here

It may require some additional package, so grab them as you come along. I believe using default all of them should be installed. So, its make andmake install. At least try running kismet now. With erro, but make sure its there. Next you need to find the kismet.conf which is in /etc/kismet/kismet.conf if I am not mistaken. Edit the user to the user you wish to run as (not root). And edit the source=hostap,wlan0,kismet. Change whatever as needed. Then go to the user (you entered) directory and run kismet. Kismet need to write the log. You can change that in the conf as well, but I will leave that out for now. Dos it run? Hope so, Mine didn't.A weird FATAL: channelget ioctl failed 22:Invalid argument came up. Search the whole internet and could find the problem. But luckily I found out in the end how to fix it. Just run ifconfig wlan0 up. Well yes, people makes very stupid mistake and program also return very gabble errors.

Now you probably want a few other good stuff out there. That will be aircrack, airodump, aireply, airsnort etc.. Basically you can use apt-get for most of them. The package I suggest are :
driftnet dsnif aircrack airsnort.

For now that will be it. I will cover soon another tutorial how to use al lthese in your warring session.

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