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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kismet + HostAP + AirCrack on Ubuntu Part 1

Ok, this one may end up as a long long one...
Firstly, if anyone ask. For now, there is NO working HostAP for Ubuntu for apt packaging.

Ok, lets start with HostAP. Assuming you have Ubuntu installed now, you will need to get the source file from This seems to be the newer place I can find so far and yes I know you want to ask me why Debian. Ubuntu is deried from Debian and the *deb is also part of the legacy. You can go quick and unpack it and try to compile it. I can tel lyou a lot of fatal errors. So be patience. There is one more step.

You need to download Module Assistant from This by right can help you build the module, but anyway we do not need to do that. We just need ot run it through 1 pass and even if it did not build any module, it has prepare and download the kernel source headers etc for module building. Now you can make, make install on your hostap. It will build. Trust me.

Now that you have that. Ensure you have iwconfig too. If not then apt-get install wireless-tools. Run a check and see if you have the wlan0 usually for the hostap. If not, try /etc/init.d/pcmcia restart. Still cannot? Just reboot the system. You can also check by lsmod grep hostap. If not you simply do a depmod, insmod hostap. Anyway, I would think you can get it running by now.
I will leave the other stuff in the next post.

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