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Monday, October 31, 2005

Gentoo - The Hardest Linux to install?

Just when you though Debian or Ubuntu is hard enough to be installed... There is Gentoo. Debian, especially installation from a floppy disk, is already one of the hardest way to install linux. Yet, how is Gentoo even harder? Why would someone want to torture himself compiling the kernel for Gentoo?

Gentoo, in short does not use RPM, DEB or any form of packager by default. Gentoo promotes the compiling of the application and drivers AND the Kernel as well. Therefore you always get the latest by compiling and you never have to wait for the next Distro release. Its very Cool indeed for Power Users.

I had long since compiled a Linux Kernel.. Must had been about 5 years back. The nightmare always catches up to you. You can never hide... So here I am facing the laptop and the Cute Gentoo (by the way, is believed to be a type of penguin) Logo. Here goes... Compiling...
What a way to spend my holiday...


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