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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cerberus Antivirus Lite CD V2.00

I had been very busy with some Wifi auditing projects so I might not be able to catch up on the win32 version yet if anyone is still using it...
It came to me as a point I wonder whether its worth going on or not since the batch file now primary works and mine seems like a duplicated work.

However, I had continued on with the Lite version which I now I had renamed Cerberus Antivirus Lite (I hope you guys dun mind). The new ISO (14MB ZIP) based ius ready and contains both Mcafee and f-prot as the DOS scanning software.

I had also modded some of the core system files and boot image in order to make changes to the selection to choose which scanner to use. Because of the difficulty in using hte previous updater (believe me I know) I am going to revamped it into a single EXE files which automatically unpacks the necessary files and do all the work with just 1 request to the ISO file. The Updater will be ready soon.

Meanwhile here is the ISO for Cerberus AV Lite 2.0

Bit Torrent



Well that all I have so far until I can find more bandwidth.

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