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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bobi and Greenie

Bobi just had his first birthday on 15th Oct. I was really too busy tied up with everything... From the audit to my company stuff. Well, but Iat least I attended the birthday party. There were lots of dogs there. Mostly Shih Tzu though. I will post up the picture later on. But meanwhile, here is a nice video I made to celebrate Bobi's 1st year. Its sure brign back lots of memory when he was small and playful... and still nto able to break the hard greenie with one bite. :)

Bobi and Greenie

1 comment:

Bobi said...

I olso miss him when he was younger... That day saw Mini remind me when he was younger... haizz...
From the "J" you always mention. duhhhhhhhh.....

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