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Friday, September 09, 2005

Public AntiVirus Updater V1.50

I had made plans for a update for PAV Updater. Basically I found an excellent extractor which I can automate the extraction of the ISO before the patching. I will replace unrar and unzip with this as well I guess since it is a universal unpacker. Emm, I also wondered if I need to ask the author for permission for include it in the package.

Oh, ok I guess I forgotten totally to explain what this is. Basically in short, Public AntiVirus has stopped support in Apr 2005 and as such the virus definitions and its arrays of program has not been updated. Antivirus which is not updated is as good as none. Public AV uses freeware Antivirus which are available and creates a bootable CD which you can just pop in and bootup the system for scanning. It has its merits because this means it does not boot into your OS which can had been infected. Moreover if the infection involves some stealth viruses then its very unlikely you can even find them at all once you are in the OS.

Anyway someone came out with a Batch file updater which downloads some of the updates and programs. Along the way, more tools where added and it also includes some Antivirus installation and scanners as well now. However the size has grown and its became difficult to download the packages using the Batch file as it stopped or maulfunction sometimes. So I had came out with my own Win32 Updater which splitted the download phase out. You can simply download at your leisure time using any downloader you prefer and then you can run the patching after you had finished the download. Once patched it also helps you build the ISO and you can burn the CD image using any burner you like.

I strongly supported this project because I felt that everyone should have an antivirus and if you choose not to pay at all this is one of the choice. So you should have no excuse not to have an antivirus in your computer from now.

Anyway, I am still looking for support and if anyone had tested it, please leave your comments here and I will try and improve on it.

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