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Monday, September 05, 2005

Nochnoy dozor 1 AKA Nightwatch 1

I had been a big fan of foreign movies I must say. I had watched quite some and some which I did not even know the name. Nightwatch is one of them. Until recently, I happened to see the trailer on a bus and I go "Ah-ha, haven't I watched this somewhere before?" Actually I did not even regconized the poster of the UK release with a pair of glasses showing the battles scenes.

Firstly, I must say I didn't I did not watched the trailer before the movie. I suppose if you did, you might be quite disappointed with the show as the trailer has probably the best part inside already. But then I felt, this is only the first in the trilogy, I would give it a chance. Basically, for this show, if I still remembered correctly, there are 2 main plots going on and they do not seems to link at all until almost the end of the show. Throughout you will wonder why they bothered to show this and that and such. The main characters are linked in one way or another. Well, not as good as it is in Magnolia or other shows, but its part of the story. The only thing they had fail to project was the idea of the prophecy of the Watcher who will walk from the light into darkness. I know why many people will want to compare this with Star Wars now.

Anyway, I am not here to write a full length review, but if you had watched and still are interested on how the story will go from here, look out for Nochnoy dozor 2: Mel sudby or Nightwatch 2 : Daywatch

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