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Friday, September 23, 2005

(正宗)重慶火鍋 Nightmare

Another restaurant just got blacklisted by me again. There are hundreds if not thousands of so call 重慶火鍋 or Chong Qin Steamboat. But of course we know there is no such thing as the REAL thing since we are in the southern tip of the asia continent.

This was one of the newer restaurant which came up near the rest of the so call 正宗 ones around it opposite Shaw Center. A big red sign saying its for $10 per head attracted my attention. I am always attracted to (CHEAP) good food. There were a lot of waiter running around and around and no space, so I approached the counter and ask for a table for 2. Well he say upstairs also full, but will arrange a table for me downstair inside, which I saw a few. Then there was no fan and etc.. so I approached a waiter to help. Boy, I have never seen worse attitude from someone since my SAF days. He kind pushes here and there then say you need to queue up again behind some people outside (where the queue did not exist when I entered the place). I took a quick look at the 2 miserable stands with well not really a lot of food and I walked straight out pass the waiter and pass the stall and almost across the street to eat Subway which I loved but of course my gf hated it and I had to knock that off. I wont be able to tell you if the food is food, but the bad attitude and the bad manners the waiter (served) really knock off any appetide I had. I didn't need to taste their food to know I will not had enjoyed it at all. I know people always say you pay for the food and not the service (tell me about gSt) but I simply refused to eat especially when I am not happy cos anything would had tasted like shit anyway.

So, want to know where I ate then? I walked pass the stall again, pass the waiter who either ignore me or give me that shitty face look which I believe mine wouldn't had been much better. The shops next door were like only $15 and cosy and air-conned and lots of space... Well, not a lot, but have space. But I just could eat then cos was too full (of anger) then. Walked past Pivador there which I dined many time and I highly recommend for a full course western at $15 and very good environment. I ended up at Terre in Bugis. ITs $10 for a full course western as well and you can even get Steak at $12.80 there. Heaven kind of service and I believe we were eve nbeing served by the boss lady. Anyway, the meal was great and happy in the end. Actually to think of it $10 is not so cheap even since I had taken $8.50 steamboar in AMK before too.

Just want to say, they lost 2 customer that day and I bet their closing down offer should be around the corner if they keep up that kind of f up attitude.

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