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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bad Day at Quiet Ramen Ten

Was at Far East today collecting my Philips CoffeeMaker which came free with the Philips DECT phones I bought a few days back. Oh, I wanted to write about the phones, but heck this is not hte articles about it. Anyway, I was at this Ramen Ten at Far East Plaza at a weird lunch time when not much people are around...

I knew I ate there before. However the impession was not clearly remembered. Either its was super good, or really super bad. Took my chance today. Ordered and waited for a while... Was with there with J and I finished my Ramen (goodness knows whether it was good or not, I was damn hungry). Then more people came and they ordered too and more and more... then waited and wait... J's rice never came. Other people's rice, noodles, FCS even Ice cream came and go... In the end, I was so pissed off I cancelled the ordered and just paid for whatever we (I actually) had taken. I wanted to talk to the manager actually, but nobody obvious was there... All ofthem dressed the same and I guess I cant be bothered anymore since J is probably very dead hungry like I was before... We have to rush off for another appointment and out of choice, we entered the nearest fast food available.

That was the day I found KFC at least had a decent service level and they even let me choose the pieces of chicken I ordered. That was not what I expected at all. Today, I felt like I had just taken a walk in the Twilight Zone.

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