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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where is the Life Jacket?

Just a thought here...
On board the 747-x00 Commerical Plane, when the air stewardess demostrate how to wear a life jacket... How many of us actually listen? Well, does it have to depend on how pretty the air stewardess is? :P

Anyway, we were always told the life jacket where under our seats. Did anyone actually check and know how to open the cover etc? Probably not. Guess we will have to spend a few minutes figuring that out when it comes to that. Along with the dropping of the air mask which we will probably be struggling to put on and for your partner as well if he/she is not in the stage to do so. The air stewardess will probably be passing out papers and everyone else asking if you have a pen or pencil... Well, its doesn't really matters unless they keep your note inside the indestrutable blackbox which is probably somewhere all the way in front at the pilot cockpit. To make it worse, the luggage compartment will probably be opened by now and everything dropping all over the place. You probably can't stand up and shout "How the hell do you open the cover to get the life jacket??", can you?

Well, its a worse case scenario anyway. Hopefully whoever is reading this doesn't have to worry too much about it. Btw, I read somewhere that the seating at the tail (where away from the wings which connects the fuel and the front which probably take the impart head on) has the higher chances of survival. And the middle row (if you are in a 747+. 737 only has 2 rows) or as near the center as possible also increased your chance of making through all these. I can't pull where the articles is, so you probably have to trust me on this one.

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