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Saturday, August 13, 2005

What Codec?

Yeah, I know... Need to play Divx and Windows does not have it build-in. What? Need Xvid too... OK, then? OGG as well, and so on... You can visit hundreds of sites to go fetch each codec. OR do something like I did. Download a Codec Pack. There are lots out there...

How to choose? Well, they ranges from 5MB to 150MB. In general, you probably do not need the "Extras" cos they are Enocders for people who encodes. If you use things like DVD Shrink, edit DVDs etc, you probably need the encoders. Well, I had used quite a few codec packs before.

K-Lite Codec Full was not bad. Played most of what I needed. But kinda confusing to install becos DirectVoB is not by default then and still is I think. DirectVoB enable subtitles. New version out at

Storm Codec. WAS great. V3.05 I think. Then came some betas and guess what? They installed some spyware along with it. Althought this codec uses the latest Real and Quicktime, but I simply cant have my IE keep popping ads for no reasons. Removed the spyware (which require manually since its not a well-listed one) and removed the codec as well.

K-Lite Mega Codec. I know K-lite makes you think of Kazaa. I don't know what this has anythingto do with Kazza. But heck with it. This codec works for almost everything around. I am still using this as of today and a new version is out as well at

All-in-One Codec. Never really tried. Saw the list and its far from ALL in one I think. I still stick to K-Lite becos its has Media Player Classic and the Real and Quicktime Alt inside. IF you had tried this one, let me know.

Ace Mega Codec Pro. Was pretty great, other than 100+MB download. Very comprehensive, but was not updated for a damn long time. Thus, making the codec pretty outdated. I must say if only it was updated, I might had stick with this.

Well, in case you did not know there are alternative to Quicktime and Realmedia which for some reasons are not the fav thing to install. Check them out at

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