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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lifts Fright

Something strange happen today duringthe evening when I was going down for my evening exercise. The lift came up with an old lady and she complain the lift came up although she was trying to go down. Anyway this happens quite often. Big deal.

So, I took the lift down with her and on the 6th floor it opened again. So I waited a while to see if there is anyone coming in. NONE. Ok, I click the close button. The door close and then it opened again. Emm... The old say she just came in from the 6th floor just now. Heck, I tried again... And it closes but reopen. And one more time. Same thing again. This is totally crap.

I was about to go out when the old lady press the close one more time and this time the lift closes and goes down. I smile at her saying the lift must be in need for maintances soon. Although I read the paper and it say 2006...

I know many of you will say, ah the old lady something weird. No la. This is NOT a ghost story. She is just a normal friendly old lady. Well, as I arrived at the jogging tracks. I just happen to notice a lot of burning of incense and papers to our "brothers" below... Its the first day of the Seventh Month in the Lunar Calendar.

Emm... I dont know... Suddenly, something makes senses...

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