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Saturday, August 06, 2005

GWA Revisit

A few post back I was complaining that GWA was too easy to bypass...
Well they kinda fixed it now by having a 2 step method where you are required to enter the code on the page. PS... The LegitCheckControl still works.

Well, I thought, at least the guys from Big M arent sitting around drinking coffee. But then... AGAIN they were defeated by ... yes, you guessed it, their own tools once more.

In days where BHO has been a big problem, they came out with a BHO manager or blocker. There is a weird new control there now... OK, I better keep my mouth shut in order not to get myself into any kind of trouble. I heard rumors that Firefox with the addon script still works too. I wont know cos I am one of the rare people who do not use Firefox. :)

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