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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Genuine Windows Advantage

You will find that windowsupate and microsoftupdate no longer delivery without going through the new Genuine Windows Advantage (GWA) check now. Well, what do you expect from big M? But the only difference was this was broken in less than 1 day... and insult to injury, by a simple 1 liner javascript... I would had expect Microsoft to do better than that. After they hadput in so much effort in the ActiveX control, they would just let it through via a variable? If this is not a joke, tell me a better one.

In fact, I had even found a better way myself. Its not that I do not own originals (mind the s, I do owns quite some asserts label with big M, ok?), but it the fact that it was so easily done that makes this worth talking about. The javascript had to be ran everytime before GWA take place and thus not so fantastic. There is this Legit*.DLL sitting somewhere in the system32 directory... You might as well use Microsoft's own debugger and play with it. Its not even compressed to my surprise. There you can play with just assembly language and thus ending up changing 2 or 3 bytes. And this DLL let you bypass the GWA forever. Well at least until they can invest in something new.

My point is. Its too simple. Almost like a high school project. And all these never really bothers the pirates. They just crack it and forget about it. Its always the honest people like us who pay hard money for it that has to deal with all these inconveniences. Having to activate, to check this and that. Was this what we paid for when we buy the big M label? I certainly hope not. I would rather pay less and opt out on this. :) Haha.

By the way, its just POC. I wont give you the patch. I also wont tell you how to do it. Please do not ask me for it.

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